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Your garage door is bound to cause you trouble at one point or another. The good news is that we at Garage Door Repair Hercules can resolve any issue for you. We specialize in garage door installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. We can handle any job easily, quickly and effectively, at an affordable rate.

Our service is based on years of experience in the industry. We are well familiar with the traditional technologies like the chain drive opener and with the most advanced ones like the Genie Intellicode clickers. We have the expertise to perform any type of maintenance or repair work. We use reliable and effective tools and top quality spare parts. We've got you covered from all sides.

We Will Save You Money

Over time, the garage door parts become worn out and incur different types of damage due to their operation and the fact that they are exposed to the elements. You can let them stay that way and put everyone who uses the garage and your car at risk. The better option is to have Garage Door Repair Hercules inspect the door, the opener, the keypad and the remote on a regular basis.

We will provide all the maintenance which is required including to the opener's motor. We will replace any worn out or broken parts. We will balance the spring whenever required. With our service, your door will remain in excellent condition for years to come and operate perfectly at all times. This will generate considerable savings in the long term as the door will have a much longer useful life. When garage door replacement is required eventually, we can help with this as well.

Our garage door company will deliver and give you peace of mind plus great savings. Contact us via e-mail or phone to make an enquiry.



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