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When you are searching for garage door answers about installation, openers and lubrication, follow this path and get the best answers. We reply simply and give solutions to common problems. If you are interested to get answers to your own questions, keep reading.

  • What can I do if my garage door is stuck?

    If your garage door is stuck, do not try and fix it at home; this delicate machinery will cost you more in the long run because it is very difficult to do without a trained professional. Rather, contact our experts at Garage Door Repair Hercules who have experience to make sure your garage is working correctly.

  • What r-value garage door should I get?

    The higher the r-value, the higher energy efficiency of the garage door! Most homes need r-10 efficiency but it would also depend on your local climate. The door will be well insulated and energy efficient and that's important for indoor temperatures and lower energy bills.

  • How do I ensure safety with electric garage doors?

    Our experts in Hercules recommend maintaining the mechanism often. This is the best way to ensure safe operation and garages. It's also important to check and maintain the opener sensors, avoid standing under the door or letting children play with remote controls.

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