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Garage Door Maintenance

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It is easy to understand the need for comprehensive garage door maintenance provided on a regular basis. Without it, the system will be completely exposed to the damaging effects of the elements, moisture, dirt, mold and pests. The proper care routine includes the adoption of protective measures, cleaning and full inspection and testing. When things are done correctly, the system will have a longer useful life while operating safely and effectively. Our job is to achieve these results for you by providing full professional servicing to the system your household or business uses.Garage Door Maintenance

Complete Care of Top Quality

We, at Garage Door Repair Hercules, understand that most people do not have the time, knowledge and skills to provide proper care to their door systems. That is why we offer a fully comprehensive solution. It consists of a complete set of protective and preventive measures. Issues of all types are resolved straight away so that the optimal system condition and performance are effectively maintained.

You can count on us to take perfect care of any system regardless of its design, make or age. Our expertise covers models from all brands. You can be certain that your Clopay or Martin garage doors will be in good hands. We will do everything necessary for achieving perfection. We provide effective weatherproofing to steel and wood units. It includes painting and the addition of weather seals. We will repaint the panels on a regular basis and replace the weather strips including the bottom seal when required.

We take special care of the hardware. Cleaning and rust removal are among the main tasks which we perform. We are experts in lubrication maintenance. We provide complete inspection to all components from the springs and cables to the hinges. If any part is worn-out, deformed or damaged, we will replace it with a precise match. The garage door repair we provide is of the highest quality. The new part will be strong and durable, and work flawlessly.

We provide full servicing to all electric operators from the latest LiftMaster door openers to the most basic units from Craftsman. We take care of all accessories. If you have a Genie Intellicode clicker that is giving you a hard time, we will ensure that it gets back to normal and stays that way. We provide garage door opener sensors maintenance for achieving the highest level of safety.

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